Keleketla projects expand on the notion of a library by speculating on what constitutes knowledge and how it can be disseminated. The cross-genre approach that hinges on public engagement not only produces innovative methods but also builds audiences and expands literacy. The Keleketla archive constitutes a large amount of experimentation and could open a dialogue on contemporary art practice that speaks of local narratives through a global language.

Point of departure

It is argued that South Africa’s over 1,200 public libraries do not cover the countrywide need for information. Meanwhile, modes of knowledge transmission are changing with technological influences and trends in global communications.

Access to books is a point of departure for the project. The mission of Keleketla programming aims to imagine knowledge production through methods sensitive to context, while recording society in change.

We explore ways to continuously share knowledge and encourage experiments on new methods of knowledge dissemination, building on contemporary arts practices. The library appreciates that technology and movement of people challenges books and conventional ways of reading. Keleketla! Library aims to simultaneously read and write the city.

Core Programmes

A lending and reference library

  • a traditional library with over 3000 books as well as posters, magazines, handwritings, audio and videos
  • its material covers a wide range of subjects
  • a growing collection of unconventional library material

After School Programme

  • a space to enhance intellectual and social experiences of  youth through art and media tools and processes, with public outcomes
  • engages with local and global themes
  • contribution to library archive

Experimental projects

  • that deals with the notion of culture and development
  • promotes and develops professional art practice in literature, performance, music and design
  • contribution to library archive

Experimental projects includes STOKVEL, SKAFTIEN, Nonwane, The Essential: Words From Her music tour, Chimurenga Chronic public art intervention, Thath’i Cover Okestra and most recently, Teen Talk, We Are One! and Joburg.Radio

11 thoughts on “projects

  1. this is brilliant stuff love the works and the energy behind the people. the way forward is to gather more and more people as a stokvel seems to have thas effect on collective progression…big uPS!!

  2. Dope show. the 18th was off the a first time visitor, u exceeded my expectations. y’al r incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!cant wait for august

  3. Molemo! Much respect, please come thru to the Drill Hall anytime and lets talk further…

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