E ileng nonwane?


“From the on-set, the whole idea of Keleketla as a space is just that of experiencing art and exploring what art does in life, how does it end and how does it become relevant. We used it to address issues of heritage and the danger of one story and allow that space be a place where multiple stories and multiple narratives can exist parallel each other in order to challenge dominant narratives, for example”

Extracted from an interview conducted by Novuyo Moyo, (Re-creative editorial board) at South London Gallery

E ileng nonwane?


“Keleketla! Library took into consideration issues related to cultural practice in Johannesburg, not only from the production of music, art, literature and whatnot, but also its politics and environmental factors. For example, the founders were extremely aware and conscious of the issue of infrastructure for cultural production. In response, they invited cultural collectives and workers to design art programmes with young members of Keleketla. In exchange, the collectives could use the Drill Hall’s multiple spaces towards their own initiatives such as poetry sessions, workshops, music performances and exhibitions. This form of informal exchange simultaneously expanded Keleketla’s networks and widened our definition of a library – a place of production.”

In Keleketla! Library guest-authored: Creating Spaces: Non-formal Art/s Education and Vocational Training for Artists in Africa (2014), a study conducted by Nicola Laure Al-Samarai with the Institute for Art Education at the Zurich University of the Arts

E ileng nonwane?


“The Drill Hall is a large historical infrastructure that occupies an entire city block in Joubert Park, Johannesburg. It is located in the dynamic transport hub, lending itself to a wide range of activity and accessibility. The site was built in 1904 as a military base for the conscription of World War One and Two soldiers. It is widely known for the 1956 Treason Trial of South Africa, in which 156 leaders under the auspices of the Congress of the People where arrested for trial.”

“Unfortunately, the state’s involvement with the site ends here – over the last nine years the JPP and the anchor tenants have been involved in endless meetings with the Johannesburg Property Company regarding maintenance of the seriously deteriorating state of the site, with very little progress. The only hindrance to unlock the maximum potential of the site is ownership transfer from the national, cumbersome Department of Public Works to the City of Joburg municipality. Nine years since the renovations, this transfer is yet to occur despite the efforts of the anchor tenants, and the Minister of Arts and Culture’s belief that “arts, culture and heritage play a pivotal role in the economic empowerment and skills development of a people”. The state’s neglect of the site is baffling in relation to the 2007 findings of the Gauteng Creative Mapping Project which identified ‘Cultural and Heritage Tourism’ as the biggest employer at 26 per cent, nearly double the second contenders, Audiovisual and Visual Arts.”

In Keleketla! Library guest-authored: Creating Spaces: Non-formal Art/s Education and Vocational Training for Artists in Africa (2014), a study conducted by Nicola Laure Al-Samarai with the Institute for Art Education at the Zurich University of the Arts

E ileng nonwane?


Keleketla is a home to me. I look at it and see the beauty of the arts and history. The teachers change, the place changes (moving from one room to almost the whole block). But the core of Keleketla never changes, which I like to think of as “activating the potential, strength and beauty of each and every member”. The programmes change but home never changes, its like moving from your home to another house, the place would change but the feeling of welcome-ness never fades. Practically the programmes are always art based, often with history but recently the future and present arts.

Keleketla! After School Programme member Emma Ramashala in 58 Years to the Treason Trial: Intergenerational Dialogue as a Tool for Learning (2014) published by Keleketla! Library

Keleketla had to close the daily library service, along with the after school programme due to the health and safety hazards presented by the deteriorating state of the Drill Hall infrastructure. Far from victimhood, the situation presented Keleketla with an opportunity to deal with notions of mutability, mobility and the limitless possibilities of temporary existences in spaces that exist in this world today. Thus the way Keleketla is spoken/written/narrated/positioned is always an emergence, becoming. The moral of its story is always in context.


In Person

1st Floor, King Kong building,
6 Verwey Street, Troyeville

Telephone: +27(0)11 402 0141

Mobile: +27(0)73 548 9441    +27(0)78 764 4741

Email: admin@keleketla.org


P. O. Box 594, WITS, 2050

11 thoughts on “who we are

  1. I missed the 1st stokvel but afta checkin out the website, im super interested. these kinds of platforms are hard to find and so few and far between that i simply cant wait for 18 july. Using my resources at work, im spreading the word in my own hood. Keep the torch burning! ALUTA.

  2. Please let me know more aboul your project on hip hop. I listen to you on one of the radio station here in Detroit MI . I would like to know more. I understand you to say your project will present at Wayne State University July 18, 2009, but i did not get a time. Pkease reply back on the time. Thank you

  3. Brenda,
    Thanks for your interest! Please check the home page of this blog to get the schedule of events. There are three skype crossovers, one today, 2 more tomorrow.
    Just remember Johannesburg is 6 hours ahead of Detroit time
    alternatively, click the Allied Media Conference button on the right to link to their website and download the PDF programme for Detroit time.
    Thanks and hope you will make it to the AMC!

  4. Yo!
    the Stokvel was off the hook once again lets improve on sound system
    y was meet the veg not performing?
    Ms Buttons was fire on the weels of Tshipi Mo Fire to my Sista from another 🙂 eeiishh and i missed Thubi on the Jembes will catch u ko Kasi Difalas

    Above all i just wanna say thank and Jah Bless to the organisers bcus it was worth it.


  5. Call for Submission to Writers, Photographers and Artists

    Black Londoner Appeal is publishing a collection of works, to raise money for the Lambi Fund in support of Haiti. The collection will include poems, lyrics, shorts stories, images, illustrations as well as cartoons, and will give a voice to and share with a wider audience, your words and feelings about Haiti. The collection will be a celebration of Haiti’s culture, its people, its art and its place in world history, in particular its role in the emancipation of black people everywhere. As Haiti was the first Black Country to throw off the yoke of slavery, the anthology will be a testament to the resilience and the enduring fight for survival and freedom, of the Haitian people. It will be dedicated to the human spirit and desire to overcome in the face of adversity.

    We seek works that convey the following themes: faith, hope, pride, resilience, rebellion, redemption, compassion and love.
    • Images and illustrations should be submitted in pdf, jpeg or gif format.
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    • Short stories should not exceed 2,500 words and be saved as .doc format and sent as attachments

    The deadline for submissions is 30 March 2010.

    You are welcome to submit as many pieces of work as you like, each piece will be considered carefully and you can be credited in the anthology or remain anonymous if you so wish. You can submit published or unpublished works, if the works have been published elsewhere, either online or in a book, you have the sole responsibility to obtain written permission to republish the material in the collection. If your submissions are accepted, you will have to complete a copyright form before your work can be included in the collection.

    There is no fee involved as this is a work in aid of a charitable organization, the Lambi Fund of Haiti.
    Please send all submissions and enquires to word4haiti@blacklondonerappeal.com
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    Best new queer African short fiction

    Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action, the pioneering, highly regarded South African gay and lesbian archives, invites African writers to submit stories on a queer African theme for publishing in a ground-breaking anthology. Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action intends the anthology to query stereotypes, show that there are many ways of being queer in Africa, and encourage queer artistic expression and appreciation. Literary merit and an insightful response to the complexities of African queerness will guide the selection.

    Submit your unpublished short fiction of between 1,000 and 5,000 words to queerafricanfiction@gmail.com by 30 June 2010. Provide a covering page with the title of the story, your first name and surname, your email address and a contact telephone number, and a bio of not more than 100 words. All submissions will be acknowledged.

    The selection will be made by 30 September 2010, and writers will work with an editor to refine their stories for publishing in June 2011. The anthology will be launched at the 2011 Cape Town Book Fair and will be distributed locally, in Africa and internationally. With writers’ permissions, all submissions will be archived by Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action and will be accessible to the archives’ many local and international users.

    For more information visit the Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action website at http://www.gala.co.za, or email queerafricanfiction@gmail.com. And find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Best-new-queer-African-short-fiction/392161331257.

  7. To the Keleketla team,

    My name is Ilse Roos, I am the director of Coolpolitics SA and I run an organisation called Coolpolitics SA.

    We host monthly debates at Kaldi’s Coffee in Newtown where we hope to create a space where young South Africans can express themselves, hear others and together develop workable solutions for the country’s future.

    This month, we celebrate our one year anniversary and would love to have you at the debates to tell people about what you do and what your thoughts are on how the young people can leave their own heritage for future generations of South Africans?

    Would you be interested in attending? The debate will happen at the end of the month, the date still has to be finalised…

    Please can you contact me on ilse@coolpolitics.org.za as I would like to hear your feedback on my request.

    Kind regards,
    Ilse Roos

  8. Thank you Ilse for contactong us! We are looking forward to exchanges.

  9. The space is a big contribution to my life, I enjoy the spiritual and educational gifts about life and living life I recieve here. I would like to see the space grow with more contributers that become the life long partners of Keleketla, eventhough life itself is transcient, the memories made make life worth experiencing and Keleketla is the hub of sublime phenomena whether it be in the arts or social movements the organisation is majestic in Joharzerdous.

  10. Morning

    I am Mammodi Hudson Molaba a 24 year Accounting Science student ,I am passionate am education and South African history.I am involved in an educational npo at ga Mphahlele.The reason am writing this is because I see u have cover a story around the area of ga Mphahlele ,I feel they is more history to be told about the area such as CN Phatudi ,Kgosi Mutle,Kgosi Matsubane and places such as sedibeng were they is always fresh water that is protected by the gods etc .I hope to hear from you soon thank you.

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