Makinika ‘African Caravan’ fundraising in full gear…

Makinika Africa!

The Southern African Hip Hop Caravan transcending borders... transcending borders...

Makinika, Swahili word for ‘transcend’ is an ambitious and feasible hip hop symposium to take place in Nairobi, Kenya. The organizers of this tour/slash symposium is Frontline, a collective of collectives with members in Southern Africa including Namibia, Kenya, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. South Africa is represented by collectives from Johannesburg, Eastern and Western Cape and Kwa Zulu Natal. Frontline defines itself as “a loose organisation of African street art movements that build solidarity and cross movement organisation within socially conscious hip-hop and street art movements on the continent”. Most members from these collectives met through Fire on the Mountain Street Art Festival put together by Imbawula Trust. Frontline was not born to begin new projects, the collectives have been and continue to do good work on the ground. Frontline was born to give support, build capacity and further amplify the voices of grassroots organizations.

The ‘Southern African Hip Hop Caravan’ will collect members in Johannesburg, Zimbabwe and then head off to Nairobi for a 5 day symposium that would not only engage in theory and talk but also create a space for workshops, recordings, film, story-telling and sharing of skills. Ukooflani Mau Mau, a Nairobi based street art empowerment trust is the host collective for this important intervention.


The cash, Frontline needs to raise about R128 880 [ US$12 288] for all the 24 Southern African members to travel to Kenya. Fundraising activities are ongoing but more assistance is needed.

SPEAK directly to:

Malose Malahlela >

Sibongile Khumalo >

Get access to the detailed fundraising document and Makinika fundraising banking details.

visit the Makinika blog:


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