keleketla at the khanya college winter school 2009

Khanya Winter School 2009

30 July – 9 August

Ras Zee spitting overstanding at the Jozi Spoken Word Fest 2009
Dolla I spitting overstanding at the Jozi Spoken Word Fest 2009

Musuem Africa and various venues, including the House of Movements and the Artist Proof Studio

It was our first experience of the Winter School, an annual gathering of progressive individuals, groups and organizations who share strategies for social justice in South Africa and beyond.


Mmala wa Sebilo
Mmala wa Sebilo

The 2009 school was edgy and inspirational, the children’s activities sessions were joyous, energetic and full of key lessons. Emphasis was placed on indigenous knowledge, traditional games and education. Dance, oral narratives and games ruled, with a dash of poetry and zine-making. The all girl group, Mmala wa Sebilo danced away stories and narratives of the joy of indigenous games, their energy testament to youthful innocence. Girls from Venda and Meadowlands recited poetry of trauma, loss and love. Mentors with experience in oral tradition and story telling, including Nomsa Mdlalose provided passionate hands on participation, empowering youth at the school.

Little Miss 'I want my magazine' in full concentration
Little Miss 'I want my magazine' in full concentration

Keleketla Library’s Jabu and Ra facilitated a session, “how to make fan-zines”. Widely enjoyed! Children learnt how to bind an 8 page, A6 booklet for poems, drawings and whatnot. This cute little one just finished hers and said: “I made this for my mommy”, left, gave it to her clearly surprised mommy and she was back making another one! The session was busy and joyous, kids kept on making zines way after the slot has elapsed, throughout the dance and poetry sessions right until we were ushered out. Then there was this other cutie, who worked long and hard at her zine throughout the session. It was a very cute zine. She placed it on her lunchbox waiting for mommy. Ah, but she was restless, ran off to twist Jabu’s ears or something like that. 2 minutes later she’s crying “I can’t find my magazine, I want my magazine. I put it on my lunchbox. I want my magaziiiiiine!”. It was real cute, and for me one of the most meaningful part of the Khanya College Winter School 2009.

There were many highs, but Khanya’s consideration of parent comrades and the organizational commitment to this reality is most commendable. The Museum Africa felt like a village, a village ceremony of sorts. Yes the salutations and comrade addresses proved to be a bit too. But its cool, comrade is a deeply historical term.

*our highlights*

Jozi Book Fair 2009

Khanya College and Botsotso Publishing

**now stocking Chimurenga catalogue**

we stock Chimurenga/nyana and posters...
we stock Chimurenga/nyana and posters...

We are selling Chimurenga Magazine at keleketla!library. We will also be pushing the know at mobile!library happenings and Stokvel events. Check out Chimurenganyana seriesNjabulo Ndebele scribes the story of Brenda Fassie in Book 4 and Book 2 presents a listenview of Fela Kuti by Keziah Jones. All the good stuff. Chumeranganyana is a series of 6 A6 bookanyanas, each featuring a piece from of one of the 15 past editions.

We stock 7 back issues including the current, Chimurenga 14: EVERYONE HAS THEIR INDIAN.

Thanks to y’all supporting this so far!

Visit keleketla!library at the Drill Hall, Joubert Park to browse ‘n buy. Go know

the street is the narrative
the street is the narrative

The mobile!library performance, facilitated by Fananathi Movement, innacitycommunity and Likwid Tongue took place in front of the Musuem Africa, involving school children and all. In this version, people were invited to read a passage/paragraph from a selected book from the mobile bookshelf and requested to write what appeals to them on a sheet of paper provided. The selected writing will be used as prompts for poetry and writing workshops at Keleketla community resource centre!


We raised a total of 37 books and magazines, donated to keleketla!library. Thanks to Chimurenga Magazine, Botho Publishing, Phillippa Yaa de Villiers, Frank Talk and Anonymous. Come check out the new books at keleketla!library.

we used this to mobilize
we used this to mobilize

We also had promises of donations. Did you know we are planning on a mission to build a media lab? Someone promised us iMacs! We won’t say who, cross fingers with us. We also had lotsa conversations, made contacts, leads and people pledging to get back to us about facilitating lessons for the after school programme and lots of money [not really but you know, its recession]. We are all excited and we know that only one lead may come to fruition, but its all good. It is what it is, says a friend.

…ladies and gentlemen…we interrupt this programme…to bring you important news word has just been received…from the atomic energy commission, that due to a change in wind direction the residue from this mornings atomic detonation…is drifting in the direction of Johannesburg…take cover immediately…

charlie & bobby
charlie & bobby

j harzard pirate radio with your hosts Bobby Coffin and Charlie Totally broadcasted live from Newtown. Guests on the show include:


[of Fananathi fame] the foot soldier leading a team pushing a mobile shelf filled with books, asking ppl to do meaningful things in the city of Jozi. He calls it the mobile!library…

Street Vendor

[founder of Fananathi], the highly accused inner city multi-tasker who move things from point A to Zero…get hold of this cat for street distribution solutions…

Daisy Grim

[of Freshlysqueezed], lamenting on the irresponsibility of the Jozi civil service protests vandaliszing Jozi…

Judge Sgwebo

[of innacitycommunity] couldn’t take it, and had to let convict Mavusana go with community service. Charge: refusal to pay a fee one inner city public lavatory…

Bobby Coffin represents SubEthaPirateRadio and Charlie Totally represents cityXradio
download j harzad pirate radio


Richard ‘Quaz’ Roodt’s The Orange Book Vol.2 sold!!!

<img class="size-full wp-image-624" title="footsoldiers" src="; alt="Kadromatt, Bobby Coffin, Street Vendor, Tshepo, Charlie Totally and ” width=”510″ height=”339″ />
Kadromatt, Bobby Coffin, Street Vendor, Small, Charlie Totally and <0o0>

peace to the foot soldiers.


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