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keleketla!library – a context

Keleketla! is a Pedi word which is a response to the beginning of a story, something that you say back to the storyteller’s ‘once upon a time’. It has no direct English translation, but represents a form of acknowledgement and a consent that ‘I am here, willing to listen to your story with active participation’. […]

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TheFanPalConcept The project aims to, over a period of 3 days, gather Johannesburg [Jozi] movements to design and produce covers of their ideal fanzines while exploring the role of grassroots movements in social activism and economic development. Further, the project aims to link participating grassroots, mostly hip-hop inspired movements with keleketla!library project, Joubert Park, Johannesburg […]

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share your thoughts and reflections about theFanPalProject! it really doesn’t matter if you didn’t take part in the actual workshop…

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