academic activists

one of the best quotes i came across goes something like this…

its possible to be a commited activist and brilliant academic, by Jenny Lee reflecting on Andy Smith. Reflecting on Andy Smith’s influence as an undergrad student at the University of Michigan, Jenny’s exact words are: “I would also never have thought that it was possible to be a brilliant academic and a deeply invested community organizer at the same time”. read more of Jenny’s lucid texts at:

we need more people like these…

me kinda’s reminisce about Steve Bantu Biko

but then there is Kgafela wa Magogodi, elsewhere on he says: we need academics who will theorise and historicize films of bo Dumisani Phakhathi, Khalo Matabane, Teboho Mahlatsi and I forgot who else but I may just add Eugene Paramoer, Nhlanhla Masondo and Breeze Yoko right there.

love peace and grooviness,



2 thoughts on “academic activists

  1. of course! is the way, though very few of our people spent time on the net.
    ga nnyane ga nnyane.

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