welcome to our…


welcome to the official theFanPalProject blog. this is one of the ongoing outcomes of the three day zine making workshop that took place on the weekend of the 22nd August, 08.  the venue being the historic Drill Hall, the arts, culture and heritage site, right opposite the notorious taxi rank on Noord [by the way, has anyone ever noticed, the rank is NOT on Noord?]

anyway, heads and all came together for this action based project that saw the creation of some of the most beautifullest of zines. oh yes, zine “rules” were broken. but thats usually the case with innovation and pushing of boundaries. that usually means that a people are getting, or at least going somewhere.

and i thought id seen sicker zines...
and i thought id seen sicker zines...

this blog

this blog is a site of reflection, of monitoring, tracking and hopefully evaluating change [and by extension, growth] we hope theFanPalProject can reveal some aspects of our being that has been hidden by circumstances of isolation, distance and ignorance. we hope that by sharing resources [human and otherwise] individuals will reinforce the appreciation of collective participation = widespread growth.

the way to navigate this blog is on the right hand side, where a daily reflection of the actual workshop is label’d as Day 1, 2 & 3. from there we have info re: participating collectives/individuals, not in any particular order.

now, some of these are almost blank, and are as a result too much of an anti-climax, so I’m preparing you now. to all the blank collectives, please send thru or upload those PROFILES!

posting, admin and authors

if you are a participating collective, you should know the log-in details, and therefore, can take on the role of posting, adminstrating and uploading stuff onto the blog in general, or your crew’s profile specifically.

if one is not part of this yet, holla at any of the contacts, lets have a brief chat and you should be on board in no time. otherwise, this blog is a hopeful, open resource to all. lets share links, ideas, useful thoughts and all about independent publishing/zine making tips.

Detroit Deli

i will be touching Detroit this coming weekend, i have had a very lively and productive meeting with Nandi Comers of Detroit’s InsideOut Literary Projects and CityWide Poets. Nandi [ she is very beautiful! ] provided me with some exciting list of contacts, some of whom I will be meeting soon. check out http://www.alliedmediaconference.org/ and the Allied Media’s very resonant mission statement http://clamormagazine.org/allied/.

detroit ‘s got a rich history of independent media, and currently has got an array of publications going around. According to Nandi, some detroit schools, much like in Jozi, are not very familiar with zines and zinemaking.  so we still have some work to do. Because a zinemaking is one of the few activities that can provide a positive, almost instant gratification and a sense of achievement. and worth. we all know the countless negative options available at the disposal of the youngins in the absence [and sometimes presence] of positivity…


in the beginning there was creation
in the beginning there was creation

anyway lets move right along and make more noise, zines and spread them all around.


“all you need is something to say, and a desire to create”

love, peace & readiness,



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