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art & social change
art & social change

the mobile!library is an ongoing street performance to create awareness about keleketla!library. began in 2008 with german artist hans winkler as part of the ‘walking newspaper’ project, 2009’s performance was street to the max. produced by jozi marketing and advertising graduate /emcee, malose ‘4matt’ malahlela and the innacitycommunity collective, the mobile!library involved students from the vega imagination lab, who share the heritage site that is the drill hall with keleketla!library.

the mobile!library drew attention of primary school kids, taxi drivers, street traders, and passers-by and offered an informative disruption to the organized chaos that is quartz, de villiers, claim and twist block[s].


keleketla!library is re-opening!!!

1st floor north block, drill hall

between twist, de villiers, quartz and plein

thanks to:

inner city lab [vega imagination lab]

exclusive books

pan macmilan publishers

ingrid mwagi & artists from the urban scenographies 2009

look out for the mobile!library at a street near you….

photographs & design — rangoato hlasane



3 thoughts on “read more!!!*

  1. Heita daar! Greetings and just browsing your very impressive works, please keep blazin. We are very pleased to hear that the Keleketla Library remains a fixed feature in the changin tapestry that is Jozi. Remain blessed and keep teachin those kids! Strength & Love from the King’s Kraal.


  2. Molefi! The revolution is LOVE-ly! If only i [we] can make it to durban for the Durban Sings events! thanks for dropping in much appreciated. much strength still.

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