The Keleketla Library is shaping up from it’s break to a full functioning operation. A big part of the process cataloging all the books, and finishing a mini big moveo of all the book facilities from one side of the building to the other. Ra and the team are at it every day, dust, stickers, numbers, books, catagories and more books. The pictures below are from April.

contact Ra for a chat about what’s next


2 thoughts on “DIBUKA !!! DIBUKA !!!

  1. Ra, I have a collage from Callie to donate to the sale. email me so we can meet up at UJ, please!

    This website is awesome; congratulations on your terrific work!


  2. Pam! Thank you so much for your support. Its a team effort. I will speak to you soon. Thanks again for bringing alomg Callie’s collage can’t wait!

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