help us build a youth media lab in Jozi!

You can do so by donating a sellable artwork to be auctioned late November at Art Afrique gallery, Kengsington.

spread the word...note the closing date!spread the word…note the closing date!

To view some of the artwork donated thus far, go here.

We have about 32 artworks donated, and we are aiming for 100 by November 20th!

You can also help by spreading the word.

Visit this blog for more updates, and we will keep posting new donations for view on the ‘keleketla art auction’ page

If you’d rather we collect the art from anywhere in Jozi, please call

073 548 9441 – Malose

076 183 5777 – Jabu


2 thoughts on “help us build a youth media lab in Jozi!

  1. Yo African sons of the soil, da iyas are doing an enriching project for the youth, big up yo selves for the hard work, sweat, patience and mad love for the vision. This project is an inspiration to all those involved and it necissit8tes the conscious uprising of the black elites, its always irie 2 c black kings moving towards enlightenment and bringing other ites forth in a legacy that will stand soon after the last ciggarette has done its job, i support the ites 200%, blessed love and passion to the art. FIRE, Big tings-a-gwaan-INA-DA-CITY, SEEN! more blessings, wise men

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