over 50 contemporary artwork to be auctioned at the…

The Keleketla Resource Centre is a dynamic space for artists, activists and thinkers committed to collaborative participation and critical dialogue through arts and cultural interventions. Keleketla is based at the Drill Hall, Joubert Park and opens daily, between 10am-5pm. The facilities at Keleketla  includes:

1.    A book lending service (free – all ages)
2.    Rehearsal space (for hire)
3.    Project room (after school programme for school children)
4.    Studio (in house – clothing, stationery and print)
5.    Performance space

Keleketla initiates, supports and facilitates a range of playful, critical and collaborative arts and educational projects. Some of the work we have done is documented and published on our blog, www. thefanpalproject.wordpress.com

The art auction is a fundraising mobilization to extend Keleketla into a space with an array of functional and relevant resources. We are building a community Media Lab.  The Media Lab will consist of five units; video, sound, print, publishing and research. The lab will run parallel a youth after school programme in poetry, music, visual art and performance. Facilitators for the after school programme are drawn from the community of young arts and cultural practitioners in Johannesburg and beyond, providing them with experience and platform for expression in contributing to social change.

The proceeds from the Keleketla Art Auction and Stokvel # 3 after-party will go towards the:

•    Establishment of modest facilities for a community based media lab
•    Formalization of a core team to plan, implement and manage a community media lab
•    Development of a participatory media literacy curriculum for youth
•    Research into and development of publishing and distribution networks to share outcomes of the Media Lab locally and globally

We are indebted to all the artists who have donated their artwork for this initiative.

We invite all collectors and lovers of art and social change to attend this event, and show generousity and support.

Keleketla would also like to extend sincere gratitude to Art Afrique gallery for the use of the space, and the support that they continue to provide towards our fundraising efforts. Further gratitude goes to the Joubert Park Project for ongoing support of Keleketla Resource Centre. We would also like to thank all the musicans and DJ’s performing pro-bono at the Stokvel # 3 fundraising afterparty. Lastly, the core team, volunteers and patrons of Keleketla, too many to mention, are greatly appreciated.

There is no Keleketla without participation, dialogue and collaboration.


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