Never Steal a Wizards Car

Keleketla! Media Arts Project and the Wits School of the Arts (Division – Film and Television) implemented a film workshop with the inner city kids around Joubert Park from the 14th June – 14th July. The kids had to embrace the cold city sidewalks to attend a series of visual storytelling, writing/adapting stories for film through photography and video.

The workshops are a platform for skills transference, furthermore form a contact base between Wits University
Students and the city, but most importantly provide an opportunity for collective creative work. All works produced
during the workshop are based on dialogue between Wits students and staff and Drill Hall participants, youth, young
adults, artists and other volunteers.

The outcome, NEVER STEAL A WIZARDS CAR, is a short fictional film directed purely by the kids, participating in scriptwriting, direction and the handling of equipment.

Enjoy 🙂


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