Kgagatlou Secondary School

For those who don’t know, ‘Keleketla’ is a Pedi word used as a response and is evident in how we named past collaborative projects like ‘Nonwane‘ & ‘Skaftien‘. The origins of the term locates us in Limpopo where the 2nd collaborative school is based. Ga-Mphahlele in a small village called Sefalaolo.

Our first visit to the school late December 2013 was very informative. The attended teachers were thrilled about the 56 Years publication and the purpose behind it. One of the suggestions made was the inclusion of other teachers/subjects in Tourism, Arts & Culture and Life Orientation. We explored teaching practices and one interesting methodology that was shared was ‘Know your history before you go very far’ and this includes the history of Ga-Mphahlele and the invitation of the Royal Crawl. The aim is to trace history through surnames, how Mphahlele and Sekhukhune names came to be and it’s relevant to local content. That way the learners would be able to attach meaning to history.

An extended follow-up trip is in March 2014.



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