We Are One/Teen Talk DVD

‘if people’s education be treason’

Finally we got to see the cover of ‘We Are One/Teen Talk’ DVD. An outcome of an inter-generational, collaborative, process based and multi-layered art project between Keleketla! Library and Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières

The image was designed by K!ASP members led by Wits School of Arts students mentored by Judy Seidman (Former graphic designer at Medu Art Ensemble 1980-1985). She even donated the rarest collection of Medu Art Ensemble Newsletters to the Library: http://www.contemporaryand.com/blog/publication/inside-the-library-keleketla-library-johannesburg/

‘We Are One’ is covered in the educational supplement ’56 Years’. Currently undergoing a second impression through classroom interventions supported by the National Heritage Council of South Africa and Goethe-Institut Johannesburg.

‘Teen Talk & We Are One! March (2012)

Teen Talk is a youth forum in the format of a talk show, produced by members of Keleketla! Library’s After School Programme. The project was supported by Medicins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Teen Talk was a school’s workshop component of the anti-xenophobia campaign, Solidarity for Survival, held at the Constitution Hill between May and June 2012.


The nine-member strong crew worked under the guidance of experienced mentors from diverse fields including research, TV & Film production and visual arts. Furthermore, the show invited experienced practitioners as guests, ranging from activists on Pan-African Diasporas issues to public health practitioners. The audience consisted of a diverse group of youth living in greater Johannesburg. As an appropriation of a youth magazine programme, the shows incorporated contemporary dance, poetry and music charged with fresh perspectives and powerful expressions. Thus, the shows produced a rich dialogue on migration through media processes and tools. Teen Talk will be released on DVD and online platforms, in October 2012.’


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