Thath’i Cover Okestra Vol. 4


We call it the Thath’i Cover Okestra, an evolving pan-African Okestra that investigates the meaning and importance of Kwaito (South African electronic dance genre) music’s legacy for a new generation. Through this collaborative exploration, what emerges is a new super nostalgic African futuristic spiritual chant non-genre.

Reading to what the beautiful people said, on Facebook about Vol.4:

This .was .pure .GENIUS. Can’t wait for the recording. Sorry for you if you missed it!
Mpho Matsipa, 5 September 2015

“That’i Cover Orchestra” ‘s performance yesternight in Mofolo Soweto proved to be wicked, inspired, funny, silly, spirited, gorgeous and lively confirmation that often Black Genius and ‪#‎BlackLove‬‬‬‬‬‬ cannot be quite explained. It has to be EXPERIENCED. Thanks to the Keleketla Crew and Siya Mthembu of The Brother Moves On as well as our sister, Masello Tlou Masello Motanapitsi. Expect an FB review soon, time be kind to us […]
Bongani Madondo, 6 September 2015

yoh!!! i’m still on a major high from the jeni’! thank you for braving the cold and coming out from the city, Hammanskraal, Cape Town,the sababs, Orange Farm and of course to those who came from all over the South Western Townships. To harvest memories of kwaito with you in it’s deepest parts was sweet damara justice. re lebogile kudu kudu kudu.
Tlou Masello Motanapitsi, 7 September 2015

Where am at right now, ancestors are ululating and vibing to these heavenly sounds, in efforts to keep them alive… Spirits are a-woke out here.
Lilly Bellair, 05 September 2015



what do you bring to the dance? if culture is afrikan circle dance and each individual makes the art by dancing together and gets their moment, their space to express their heart with the full support of the rhythm of others… and culture draws our shadows to heal in the dance, to renew our lives and to remind us what love really is… and my first language is wordless so it’s hard to express what went down with Thath’i Cover Orkestra last evening at the Eyethu Lifestyle Centre in Mofolo. Coming to culture as ritual and renewal i consciously entered an image of being Afrikan, like in Loyiso Mkize’s artists statement (he’s exhibiting there, quite amazing) unapologetically romantic and vibrant and rich.
Phillippa Yaa De Villiers, 6 September 2015

kwaito + classical music + jazz = AMAZING!!!
Mpho Matsipa, 5 September 2015

Much respect to Keleketla! Library for the music on some next level! ThathiKover Okestra made history tonight!
Lineo Segoete, 5 September 2015

Thath’i Cover… and my weekend was ‪#‎Blackcellent‬‬‬‬‬‬! I have to get myself Chuck T’s for the next gig…
Lerato-Rato Themba Kuzwayo, 6 September 2015

Music coursing through me. You guys did best. ‪#‎blackexcellence‬‬‬‬‬‬
Lindokuhle Nkosi, 6 September 2015

DJ Mujava cover was mind-blowing
Mitch Said, 6 September 2015

I had to catch myself from passing out a few times last night. LAWDDDD!
Bianca Mońa, 6 September 2015

Vol 4 would not exist without the time and gifts of:
Ayanda Zalekile on Electric Bass, Simz Jazzinmoxion Tshabalala on Drums, Zweli Mthembu on Guitar, Hannah Catherine Jones on Viola, Mandolin, Theramin, Autoharp and Vocals, Tsepo Pooe on Cello, Tumi Mapholo on Violin, Tiko Ngobeni on Percussions, didgeridoo, mbira and toys and Masello Motana on Vocal History.

Massive respect to Siyabonga Mthembu as substitute teacher and cameo vocals on ‘Lerato’.

This would not have happened without the generous support of the Visual Arts Network of South Africa and Molemo Moiloa



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