Vandal Lie Izm, 24 Februray 2011, point blank gallery

On February 24, 2011, Joburg-based street artist, designer and illustrator Natalie Propa hosted Vandal Lie Izm, a super soulful street art exhibition that challenged conventions of the mainstream visual arts practices. The venue was the point blank gallery, the Drill Hall Precinct, Joubert Park. Kyle Ferguson shot and cut this here piece with great detail. Enjoy!

We are particularly excited about Natalie’s plans and ideas for Vandal Lie Izm II, scheduled for mid-October.


3 thoughts on “Vandal Lie Izm, 24 Februray 2011, point blank gallery

  1. hi veronique – these guys are called Demolition Squad and their manager is Labstar Geekman (Facebook name)
    their face book page is called Demolition Squad Bboys
    hope that helps. thanks for checking out our blog!

  2. yooooooooh wow am feeling this jam keleketla you real make good job. An loving your work would love to be part of you some times. This is great usa beat in jhb guys you got it, lol you brought usa in jhb

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