When the Moment Comes

When The Moment Comes is an experimental audio play created by Abu Mafuya with Audio & Music youth from our After School Programme. Zenzele ‘Dj Zakes’ Ndaba and his group of youth collaborated, contributing theme music and effects.


Said Abu about the play, “When The Moment Comes is an individual, fictional recast of the world surrounding the Treason Trial. While it takes the Treason Trial as starting point, and uses it as a device to frame the mood of the story, the Treason Trial does not feature prominently in the story. The play does not submit to the actuality of the time, nor does it defer to factual human relationships (parent-child; teacher-student; government-citizen; leader-follower). In fact, the play deliberately breaks with both time and space, dislodges the story from the parameters of actuality, and leaves us with an absurd, disjointed outcome”.

When The Moment Comes forms part of Keleketla! Library’s first publishing project titled Urban Areas Act, a multi-format educational supplement consolidating our After School Programme for the year 2011. The publication consists of a dance piece in video format, original music, visual art and creative writing as well as an alternative curriculum. Urban Areas Act will be launched in February 2012.

A big Thank You to Musina FM and Radio Today for playing the trailer!


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